Mayer Ersoff

ABOUT MORT for SHORT & Mayer Ersoff

MORT for SHORT is the musical project that I (Mayer Ersoff) began in 2022. The music of MORT for SHORT is not limited to any particular musical style or genre. I make music that I enjoy, and I hope you enjoy it too! There is no specific release schedule, so I publish songs as they're completed. Check back often to see what I've been up to.

This one-man band is called MORT for SHORT in acknowledgment of my middle name, Mordecai - MORT for SHORT. I'm Mayer Ersoff, a multi-instrumentalist and former member of the bands Spongong, Thaddeus McNaughton, and Sunlending. I was musically active in the mid-1970s through the early 1990s, when I took a break from performing, composing, and producing music. In 2020 I started to rebuild my studio and acquaint myself with new music and recording technology.

This website serves as an outlet to share my music with anyone who will listen.

I hope you enjoy my music!

Peace and love,
Mayer Ersoff (MORT for SHORT)


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